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What is Sportobuddy Cricket Club?

SCC is a cricket club for passionate amateur cricketers. It brings together like-minded cricket enthusiasts from all facets of life. A player can register himself with SCC and be part of the below mentioned tournaments, which feature close to 120+ matches, spread over the course of the year.

What is Anchor City Championship?

SCC facilitates three tournaments a year for registered club members. The revised format is based on a unique points system, wherein each team will win points in every match of every tournament, including the Anchor Champions Trophy, held at an International venue. The team with the maximum points at the end of all four tournaments, will be declared the winner of the much coveted Anchor City Championship.

The top 6/8 teams with 16 players each will qualify to battle it out at the Anchor International Championship Trophy,
Tournaments under Anchor City Championship (ACC)
Matches played with
standard T20 rules
(January, 2020)
Matches played with
Sportobuddy Test T20 rules.
(February, 2020)
Top teams compete at an international venue.
(April, 2020)
Player registration guidelines:

A player can register himself and be a part of all tournaments for the year.

Minimum Matches/ Tournament:

Anchor Premier League
My Father My Anchor
Anchor International Championship Trophy (AICT)
Annual Registration:
INR 36,750 per player (GST as applicable)
  • Above rate is applicable for playing all 2+1 tournaments.
  • The top 6 teams, will battle it out at Anchor International Championship Trophy (AICT) held in Thailand.
  • Another 6 teams will be accommodated at a subsidised fee, subject to their tally of points.
  • Total teams travelling abroad will depend on the number of teams participating in Anchor City Championship (ACC) 2019-20.
Payment Terms
Per Player Payment INR This table shows per player payment
Description Payment Remarks
On Registration ₹ 1,500 Per Player Cost, to be paid while registering the team
Player's Subscription ₹ 30,500 To be paid before the tournament starts
Total (X) ₹ 32,000  
International Championship ₹ 4,750 To be paid only if the team qualifies for Anchor International Championship Trophy (AICT)
Total (Y) ₹ 36,750 Total for playing 2+1 Tournaments
Team Payments INR Numbers below are for the squad of 16
Description Payment Remarks
On Registration ₹ 25,000 Per player cost, to be paid while registering the team
Player's Subscription ₹ 4,87,000 To be paid before 30th August 2019
Total(A) ₹ 5,12,000  
International Championship ₹ 76,000 To be paid only if the team qualifies for Anchor International Championship Trophy (AICT)
Total (B) ₹ 5,88,000 Total for playing 2+1 Tournaments
  1. Team has to pay the above amount after deducting their prize money of last season
  2. Above fees is for playing 2+1 tournaments.
  3. A Team must have minimum 16 players and maximum 20 players.
  4. Above illustration is for the squad of 16 players.
  5. A team can opt to pay in two installments if needed.
  6. 50% by 20th December 2019 and 50% by 20th January 2020.
  7. No gloves & pads would be given to the teams paying after the deadline (20th December 2019).
  8. Teams can opt for either helmets or gloves & pads.
  9. Late fee of INR 5000 would be applicable per week per team.
  10. Teams won't get the team jerseys till they don’t pay their team subscription.
  11. No player will be allowed to play the match without their team jerseys provided by Sportobuddy.
  12. If a player misplaces the team jersey set provided by Sportobuddy, he can purchase a new one for INR 650+GST a jersey.
  13. The above payment is exclusive of 18% GST and would be as applicable on the total amount.
  14. Top 6 teams qualifying would have to pay the balance @INR 4750+GST/person if they qualify for Anchor International Championship (AICT) -Thailand.
  15. Team registration & subscription charges are non-refundable.
Anchor City Championship (ACC) 2019-20 Teams

Sportobuddy Tournaments
Customers Feedback
The Sportobuddy experience has been amazing for enthusiasts like us who love to play the sport but had limited exposure earlier. This has given us a platform to play in well organised tournaments.
Varun Madnani
ND Stallions
Sportobuddy is one organisation which do their job at its best whether it be on social media or on ground, they really know how to keep the players happy. Hopefully many more to come. Cheers.
Ajay D'silva
Kandhari Wolves
Sportobuddy has evolved as the front runner with respect to tournaments for an age group that usually does not get much importance. It stands out in taking care of its players and make us one family.
Pawan Patheja
Raging Rhinos
Sportobuddy is the best in terms of organisation of the matches, on ground staff, food served at the ground and the professionalism in which they conduct the entire tournament is just too good.
Tapan Mehta
Epiphany Dragons
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