Anchor Champions Trophy Rules

Participating Teams 6/8
Groups -
Teams/Group -
Matches / Team Minimum 2
Team Roster of 16 Players
Batting Best 11 to Bat
Bowling Best 11 to Bowl and 11 to Field
Power Play Overs Over No.1 to 6
Time for Each Match 180 Minutes (90 Minutes/ per Innings)
Break Between Inns 7-10 Minutes
Break Between Match 15 Minutes
Ball White Leather
Umpire 2 On Field Umpires
Live Scoring On the Sportobuddy App with Live Video

Qualifiers >> Semi-Finals >> Finals

Total Number of Matches 9
Total Overs / Innings 20
Selection Criteria for Semi Finals Winner of Qualifier Matches.

Qualifier Match Points

Win 3 Points
Bonus Point 1 Point
Bonus Point If a team chases the total within 15 overs, they get a Bonus Point.
If a team wins with a difference of 50 runs, they get a Bonus Point.
No Ball 1 Runs + Free Hit
Wide Ball 1 Runs
Total Batsmen Best 11 to Bat
Total Bowlers Best 11 to Bowl & Field. Maximum 4 overs per bowler.


Other Rules

  • 20 overs of each innings must be completed within 90 minutes, 10 minutes allocated for change over between each innings
  • One new ball shall be used at the start of each innings.
  • Losers of Qualifier Matches will play the Challenger Round.
  • Sportobuddy will be continuously be in touch with the umpires to make sure the innings are completed within 85/90 minutes for each innings. The decision of whether the team has caused the delay or not will be decided solely by the umpires present on the field
  • In case of slow over rate the team will lose the equivalent number of overs during their batting. Umpires will take a final call on whether there was any interference by the batting team which caused the bowling team to delay their completion of 20 overs.
  • A team can only play if there are minimum 9 players available on the ground. If there are less than 9 players than the opposite team will win the match by walk over and will gain points with bonus and the other team will lose one point from their tally
  • The ball shall be bowled from each end alternately in overs of 6 balls. 
  • For a Dead Ball / Wide / No Ball the bowler will have to bowl an extra delivery which is a valid delivery.
  • A Bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs per match.
  • At the instant of a delivery, there may not be more than 5 fieldsmen on the legside. Not more than 2 fielders behind the popping crease on the leg side
  • For the first 6 Overs of Powerplay, only two fielders are permitted to be outside the field restriction marking at the instant of delivery.
  • For the remaining overs, minimum 4 fielders must be inside the field restriction area (this does not include the wicketkeeper & bowler)
  • In the event of an infringement of above mentioned field restriction rules, the umpire shall call and signal No Ball.
  • In case of teams having same number of points after league games, the teams with better net runrate will qualify for next round.
  • Any team not present on the match day and gives a walk over to the opposite team will lose 1 point from its winning points. Also, the opposite team will be awarded the winning points along with the bonus point.

Note : In matter of doubts/issues/queries not covered by the tournament rules, the decision of the Organizing committee present on the ground will be final and binding upon all concerned as per the standard rule.
Sportobuddy reserves the rights to all decisions pertaining to any issues/concerns raised during and after the tournament.